Executive Summary

With a history spanning more than three decades a team of professionals engaged in life support & logistics services clustered & emerged as JAY INTERNATIONAL CATERING & LOGISTICS SERVICES (JICL). We intend to build upon this goodwill and we do realize that our success hinges on not merely being the biggest but in being the best. We as an organization are excited about the work we do. We are excited about forming closer and stronger partnerships with each other as corporate citizens, with customers, and with suppliers. As an organization with a philosophy based on innovation, quality and efficiency, we are committed to forging strong relationships with clients who are similarly motivated in order to achieve mutual long term benefits in the most cost effective manner without compromising on quality, safety and environment. Working as an integral part of our customers’ business and accepting our responsibility to respect the end user and the environment in the provision of our services is another important precept which guides our activities. By constantly upgrading the quality of services and facilities marketed, we are setting benchmark standards in the catering & total logistics support service industry, consequently improving the quality of life. JICL is a broad-based company with a recognized diversity and worldwide presence. Our integrated approach to hospitality, entertainment, leisure, technical support to Oil, Gas & remote site projects includes catering, accommodation, housekeeping, laundry, janitorial, maintenance, landscaping, oil tools, equipments, charter of offshore construction vessels, camp designing, catering & laundry equipment’s procurement & supply etc. We provide these services to oilfield, maritime vessels, remote site camps and industrial canteens. Our company specializes in the supply of a large range of good quality, ISO/API certified oilfield equipments and tools to local and overseas oil and gas operators. The success of JICL is the result of combined effort and skills of its people. The team's "can-do" attitude and flexibility has been enhanced by our determination and dedication to serve JICL clients the best way possible. Our company products range includes onshore drilling and work over rigs, rig accessories, drilling tools, well control equipment, well head equipment, Mud pumps, pumping unit, down hole tools (PDC bits, TCI bits, subs, stabilizers etc), and other oilfield related equipments and supplies. All of our co-operating manufacturers are API licensed and our company offers a complete quality control management system in accordance with API Standard, ISO 9001:2000, ASTM, DS-1 and other international standard. Our products already used worldwide with high praise from all customers. We are willing to cooperate with all customers & manufacturers to achieve high quality objectives in a timely and cost-effectively way. By virtue of our experience, enthusiasm and efficiency we have had the opportunity to deal with some of the outstanding companies in China & abroad. The learning process has been quick and very enriching. We consider it important to work with our customers because of the high standards you set for yourselves. We are also familiar with the high standards you expect from your partners and are fully confident that, as professionals, we have the management and staff, the enthusiasm, pride and skills for the opportunities that lie ahead. We look forward to a long association with you and look forward to an opportunity to be of service to you.