To ensure "Total Customer Satisfaction".


To be the "Preferred Hospitality and Support Services Company" of our customers. How do we intend doing this

   1.  by delivering more than what we promise
   2.  by surpassing customer expectations
   3.  by working as an integral part of our customers' business
   4. meeting cost, schedule and quality parameters consistently


We at JICL cherish Six Core Values to help us choose our conduct amongst socially preferable alternatives available. These values represent our priority in terms of the preferred behaviour alternatives we wish to inculcate in individuals employed with JICL which we aim to ensure will underpin every aspect of our work. These values are listed opposite.

T echnical Support
H ighly Competent Workforce
E thics, Integrity & Credibility

J ubilent
I nnovative
C aring
L iberal